COVID-19 and classes. Updated 20 March

COVID-19/Coronavirus is having an impact everywhere with the situation changing daily. The effect on U3A classes was discussed by all members present at the AGM held 18 March. It was decided that the individual course leaders are the best people to make the call as to whether their classes will still run, be postponed, or cancelled.

Considerations would include course location and the opinions of the course leader and attendees as to their risk evaluation. For example courses that have an outdoor location may be considered a lower risk as “social distancing” can be more easily adhered to.

We are aware that many of the locations where courses are held are either already closed or will be closed in a matter of days. Such venues include the NCAC Small and Main Halls, and the Bridge Club which means that related courses are cancelled or postponed. We are also aware that the Mahjong, normally held at the RSL, is also cancelled.

Before attending your next session we suggest that you contact your course leader. Additional information will be added as we receive notification.

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